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Bos sauveli I/A Bone slaughter of a large old male carrying at the distal end of the horns very many keratin fibers that make it unique. It is the largest of the six cornages currently listed in the world with certainty. It can therefore be designated as a "world record" although this name is not often used in natural history. This large wild ox was present in a small area of northeastern Cambodia on both sides of the Mekong River. The species is considered extinct, probably not having survived the wars that devastated its range in the second half of the 20th century. This trophy is both a rarity and an exceptional scientific curiosity. It is also a particularly valuable testimony to the wildlife of Cambodia. External span: 101,5 cm-Outside greatest spread: 40''3/4 Internal span: 86 cm-inside greatest spread: 33''7/8 Longest horn: 92,8 cm-Greatest horn Length: 36''1/4 Circumference: 39,3 cm-Circumference: 15''1/2 Entre-pointes: 73 cm -Tip to tip: 28''3/4 CiC n° FR1307526476-K of 03/10/2013 Source: Henri JOUIN
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