ZOLA, Emile. An important set of 19 signed... - Lot 25 - Coutau-Bégarie

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ZOLA, Emile. An important set of 19 signed... - Lot 25 - Coutau-Bégarie
ZOLA, Emile. An important set of 19 signed autograph letters and cards, all addressed to the jurist and friend of naturalists Gabriel Thyébaut (1854-1922). 10 L.A.S. and 9 C.V.A.S. Paris and Médan, February I881 - June 1893. About 29 pp. in-8 or in-16 oblong. 22 preserved envelopes (including one in Céard). Beautiful working correspondence: Zola builds her novels with the legal support of Thyébaut. La construction de Pot-Bouille. Zola asks for precise legal information to build a character, Alphonse Duveyrier: "I thank you a thousand times for the information you are willing to send me. But, since you are so obligingly at my disposal, I'll take advantage and ask you for more precise details. My advisor is at the Paris Court of Appeal. (I would like to put him in a criminal court case, is that possible?) What does he win? What are the hours he is taken and how many times a week? What work does he have to do at home? How did he get to his job? (He is only 42 years old and owes everything to the favour). Finally, what can his future be, if I want to give him a higher position? Another question, on a specific case. How can my advisor act, what legal sham can he commit (legal or tolerated or even ignored), upon the death of his father-in-law, whose house is being sold, to get this house at a good price, in order to frustrate the other heirs? [...]». June 3, 1881]. In a letter dated June 12, 1881, Zola thanked her correspondent for the information and stated, "Thanks to you, I have him [her fictional character]. La tutelle, in La joie de vivre. "...] your letter reassures me, because it doesn't force me to screw up my chapter. Here I am absolutely on my bases for this first chapter, thanks to your good consultation. Now [...] if you will think about the other questions I asked you. But there is no hurry [...]". April 28, 1883. «
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