CEARD, Henry.

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CEARD, Henry.
Important set of about 67 signed letters and autograph cards (including a business card and two postcards), all addressed to Gabriel Thyébaut (some to his wife or their daughter Cécile). Paris, Menton, Bern (île Saint-Pierre), Quiberon, etc., October 1878 - October 1922. About 155 pp. in-4, in-8 or in-12 oblong. Some envelopes preserved Very beautiful friendly and literary correspondence, in which Céard deals with countless subjects: his writings, his naturalist friends, his travels, women, art, etc. His fellow naturalists : About the Vatard Sisters: "I went up to Huysmans' house where I found literature, friends, the proofs of his novel, The Vatard Sisters, which Charpentier printed for the middle of November" [October 29, 1878]. "[...] A weekly newspaper will appear on October 15 with Huÿsmans as editor-in-chief, and us as collaborators, Zola, at the head. It has been necessary, whether we like it or not, that we be political, at least to keep us from being misunderstood and to avoid the trials that might be brought against us. Huÿsmans reserved for himself the politics that we will be forced to do, and both of us made an extraordinary first article, where, taking a foothold on Herzen and Schopenhauer, we simply concluded the initial uselessness of everything and declared that we will support the interests of the indifferent." He's expecting a big salvo of contempt. "Huÿsmans instructs me to ask you if you want to enter with us in this fire: one word and questions of law will be devolved to you [...]". He then evokes a half-printed work of Huÿsmans and warns Thyébaut that no copy of Madame Bovary was waiting for him "at Hennique's office" [September 30, 1880]. The origin of the collaboration between Zola and Thyébaut: "Zola asks me, for his next novel, what are the functions and the work of a court counsellor. Do I know! I have just written to her that you r
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