25 Septembre 2020 au 04 Octobre 2020
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Bel collection of more than 200 fans from France and elsewhere, from the 1890s to the 1950s

Auction exclusively online at Drouot Digital.

Online since Friday, September 25

End of auction on Sunday 04 October 2020 at 6pm

With illustrations after Louise Abbéma, GK Benda, Boutet de Monvel, Léonetto Cappiello, Jean-Gabriel Domergue, Abel Faivre, Léone George, René Gruau, Loupot, Georges Redon, Goursat dit Sem, Léon Sonnier, Adolphe Willette, Jean d'Yven, etc.

>br />On the following themes:
Fashion and department stores including Dior, the Galeries Lafayette, le Printemps etc
Parfums including LT Piver, Rigaud
Transports including French Railways
Parisian restaurants, famous hotels and cafés including Maxim's etc
Champagne, and various alcohols

Chocolate and confectionery including Van Houten, Suchard and Menier

Without forgetting some world's fair memorabilia

Remembering historical events

And a rich collection of books, exhibition catalogues and auction catalogues.
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Mélissa Seminara - +33 (0)1 45 56 12 20

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