Surgical operation, ivory painting, Dieppe... - Lot 322 - Coutau-Bégarie

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Surgical operation, ivory painting, Dieppe... - Lot 322 - Coutau-Bégarie
Surgical operation, ivory painting, Dieppe ?, circa 1750 A cut, carved and engraved ivory (elephantidae spp) painting depicting a bas-relief scene in three parts. In the center, a man appears to be performing surgery on the eye of a woman in front of him. The first ophthalmic operations, notably for cataracts, with extraction of the crystalline lens, were carried out in the 1750s by a French doctor, Jacques Daniel. On the right, an abbot in religious vestments activates the flames rising from an altar. On the left, various vases, containers and a cloth are placed on a table. All these representations are united by a tiled floor, creating a perspective effect. The three-part composition reinforces this effect of depth, recalling the modular panels of theater sets. It is similar to the plates illustrating surgical or scientific works, such as the "Georgica Curiosa" printed in Nuremberg in 1716. Such paintings are rare, as most are composed on a single plate, rather than in several parts. This sculptural work can be compared with the work of David Le MARCHAND (1674-1726), a sculptor from Dieppe who practiced in England. The Victoria and Albert Museum holds a portrait of Matthew Raper dating from 1720. In a rectangular carved wood baguette frame decorated with flowers at the corners, under glass. 18th century. Total dimensions 33 x 25.5 cm Gross weight 1,210 kg
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