Melchior KÜSEL (1626-1683) Mythological scenes Set... - Lot 251 - Coutau-Bégarie

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Melchior KÜSEL (1626-1683) Mythological scenes Set... - Lot 251 - Coutau-Bégarie
Melchior KÜSEL (1626-1683) Mythological scenes Set of 19 engravings (some from Ovid's Metamorphoses by Ovid and some engraved by Jean Lepautre (1618-1682) including:Persée et Méduse; Pygmalion falling in love with the statue; Dido and Aeneas; The burning of Troy; Mars and Venus surprised by Vulcan; Phoebus and Isse; Céyx and Alcyonne; Aeneas, Anchises and Ascagne. Height: 20 cm - Width: 25 cm (Approx. for each leaf; wear, stains and small tears; unframed) Provenance: Former George Przirembel collection (1885-1956) George Przirembel was born in Poland in 1885. After studying architecture at the University of Breslau in Germany, he moved to São Paulo in 1912 to supervise the construction of the new São Bento monastery. His association with the Benedictines gave him wide acceptance from the clergy to design Catholic churches, convents and schools. The church of São Geraldo in Perdizes, completed in 1916, is one of the capital's most prestigious. Przirembel stands out for the majestic design of the Basilica do Carmo, which reflects the vast repertoire Polish architect's vast repertoire of historic architectural styles and their references to Roman and Latin American Baroque. The project's choice was oriented towards American altarpiece facades and Portuguese-style church interiors. His architectural projects, both civil (for the Matarazzo and Silva Prado families) and religious, span the interior of the state of São Paulo, particularly along the coast, in Paraná, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul.
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