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Estimation :
2000 - 4000 EUR
Result without fees
Result : 8 700EUR
LOT 2. HAJIME ISAYAMA (1986) Attack on Titan. Original felt pen drawing by Hijame Isayama on wooden table. Eren and Levi. Those tables were used by Hajime Isayama’s team to create Attack on Titan. Mesurements : 112cm x 120cm, depth 71,5 cm CAREFUL********PLEASE READ THE SALE CONDITIONS The tables are located in Tokyo, Japan. Transportation is the responsability of the buyer. See conditions below********* Weight : Around 100 kgs. « I sell those drawing tables by auction, they were used in my workshop for the creation of the Attack on Titan. My father, who is a furniture designer, draw them on my request, to allow me to focus properly on my work. They were made by the Nitto Wood company in Hita, my birth city. It’s on these tables I have worked with my assistants for 4 years to make Attack on Titan. I have many memories with them : we ate on it, we fell asleep on it, had fun, experimented the stress before deadlines, discussed about the scenario with the publishing team…those tables were in a way part of my young artist’s life. Today, the digital art is the main tool, and it’s becoming quite rare to work on a manga as a team, like we did, side by side. So these tables, which are quite long, my not be any longer useful for us, but I like them very much, and I hope they will be useful for someone. For this auction sale, I draw on them an original drawing, signed. All the benefits from this sale will go to Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without borders. There is so many bad new these days, and I prey for more peace in this world. » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x70r_BUnZwE&feature=youtu.be ******************************Disclaimer : The Tables are situated in Tokyo, Japan. Packing, assurance, and transportation are not your reponsability and will have to be at the charge of the buyer. Once you win the Lot, the auction House will contact you to make the paiement. Once the paiement done, you will have to ask a quotation with the Transport compagny of your choice. We will then put you in contact with a person in charge in Japan to organize the meeting. We are unfortunately unable to give you any estimate on transportation. Auction Fees : 28,80% added to the amount of the adjudication (+Drouot online fees)..*********************************
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