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Portrait of the princess Olga Alexandrovna Orloff. Oil on canvas unsigned, preserved in its original carved and gilded wood frame. Bears on the back the label of the Orloff collection "Wiesbadener Möbelheim Rettenniayer - I.. Orloff" Good general condition. Sight : H. : 166 cm - W. : 122 cm. Frame : H. : 191 cm - W. : 145 cm. Biography : Princess Olga Alexandrovna, born on December 26, 1806 in Saint Petersburg, died on December 2, 1807. She died in Fontainebleau on August 25, 1880. She is buried in the cemetery of Samois-sur-Seine in France. Maid of honor of the empresses Alexandra Feodorovna (1798-1860), Maria Feodorovna (1759-1828) and Elisabeth Alexeyevna (1779-1826), of whom she wears the triple figure in diamonds. She is the daughter of general Alexander Alexandrovich Zherebtsoff and princess Alexandra Petrovna Lopoukine. Grand-niece of Prince Platon Zouboff, a famous favorite of Empress Catherine II, she married Count Alexis She married Count Alexis Feodorovich Orloff, a close friend of Emperor Nicholas I, who made him a prince in 1856. Olga Alexandrovna was known for her passion for numismatics. After the death of her husband, she lived in France with her only son, Prince Nicholas Alexievicth in the castle of Bellefontaine. History: In this magnificent portrait done around 1850/1855, shortly before the countess was made a princess, the unidentified artist depicts her posing in full regalia as a bridesmaid of the Russian imperial court. We see on her left shoulder the Order of St. Catherine which was given to her on February 27, 1830 and the diamond figure with the triple monogram of the empress on a ribbon in the color of the Order of St. Andrew. She also wears the grand cordon and the insignia of the Order of Theresa (Bavaria) which was awarded to her in 1839. Reference: this work is to be compared with a portrait presenting her posing in the same outfit holding the hand of her father the Count Zherebtoff and at the sides of her husband in officer's outfit of the Knight Guards.
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