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METROPOLITAN ANTHONY, BORN ALEXIS PALVOVITCH KHRAPOVITSKY (1863-1936). Typed document drawn up by the head of the Orthodox Church abroad after the Revolution, signed "Metropolitan Anthony" addressed to Prince Belikoff-Meliksovitch, made in Basel on July 10 (undated), 1 page, folio, text in Russian. On the back appears a handwritten inscription in Greek. In this letter the metropolitan refers to the assassination of Rasputin and specifies to Prince Felix at the end of the letter: "(...) this hard exploit which fell on your lot was pure in spite of the fact that your exaggerated sensitivity left a painful memory. (...) " Translation: My dear prince Belikov-Meliksovitch, this morning I got on the train. On the way now I am acquainted with your fascinating and interesting book, in which you have invested such a weak mind, not a juvenile observation, but a juvenile sincerity and a tender feeling. Only a small touch of constitutionalism / constitutionalism /, uncharacteristic of a Russian person, is to which, but an unresolved doubt for the evaluation of your book, is itself the highest score; for what, if in this! Western belching was affected by the long-term influence of England on the whole soul, then on such a small scale it is quite tolerable. But your love for the tsar and for Russia and / especially / for the Orthodox faith arouses the warmest sympathy of the reader. Do not give up your pen: you are a writer called, talented and with a deep soul. I am ardently happy that God has brought me in my old age to meet Vemi, and I can assure you that you will always serve Russia in a completely pure act, that hard exploit that fell on your lot was pure despite the fact that your exaggerated sensitivity has left it a painful memory. I am doubly grateful to you for the book, adorned with a beautiful appearance, that is, portrait. Greetings and God's blessing to your venerable mother. Provenance: this document comes from the archives of Prince Felix Youssoupoff and has been preserved to this day in his direct descendants.
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