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[PRAYER RECITED BY THE IMPERIAL FAMILY DURING THEIR CAPTIVITY]. Typewritten document, 1 page, numbered 8, folio, text in Russian, kept in an envelope with the handwritten inscription of prince Felix Youssoupoff: " Document Mysterious document". Bends, foxing, in the state. Translation : " Shout that the reproaches and dishonors endured for the love of the Lord constitute a great gain for your soul, serving as a means of salvation. Endure them assiduously and do not be embarrassed. Think that you are worthy to suffer incomparably more for your sins, speak to yourself: "I am honored to endure in your name, Lord, and for your love, pains and sufferings. Many of the pains and humiliations to which I have been subjected will enable me to be in some measure a disciple of God who has suffered for me. Whenever you remember to think badly of him, but pray earnestly for him from the bottom of your heart (p. 126). God is present everywhere and sees everything. Trust in him alone. These are the last words underlined in the prayer book of the empress. These are the feelings that the members of the imperial family perceived and experienced in prison. It is clear what moods they were in as they prepared for the final feat of martyrdom. Let's end the excerpts with the words underlined in the book of Grand Duchess Tatiana: "Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ went to death as if they were going to a party. They stopped in front of the inevitable death, kept a wonderful peace of mind that did not leave them for a minute. They walked calmly toward death, for they hoped to enter a different spiritual life opening to a person from beyond the grave" (p. 365). Their faith grew and strengthened with trials and sorrows. We are sure that they will help us to follow the path of such spiritual achievement as they did on this earth." Provenance: this document was found in the papers of Empress Maria Maria Feodorovna after her death and kept by her daughter, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna (1875-1960), who passed it on to her daughter, Princess Irina Alexandrovna Yusupovna (1895-1970), and has been preserved until today in the latter's descendants.
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