RADIO LUXEMBOURG - JEAN COCTEAU (1889/1963)... - Lot 3 - Coutau-Bégarie

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RADIO LUXEMBOURG - JEAN COCTEAU (1889/1963)... - Lot 3 - Coutau-Bégarie
RADIO LUXEMBOURG - JEAN COCTEAU (1889/1963) : Writer, filmmaker, draughtsman and poet. 1 lithograph of a drawing of Jean Cocteau entitled " Hommage aux ondes de Radio Luxembourg ", edited in 1960, after an original drawing of October 1938 and signed in the plate. A work of Jean Cocteau who once expressed himself on Radio Luxembourg: "I worked at the Radio-Luxembourg station. I did the kind of work that the administrative staff hates: work that disturbs habits and forces you to grope, to search, to stay up late. Not only did I not catch the slightest ironic smile, the slightest gesture of bad mood, but on the contrary, I met from top to bottom of this astonishing factory of sound canning, a spirit of enterprise, of kindness and of collaboration unique in the world. The Radio-Luxembourg station resembles the cabin of an American squadron ship, where the impeccable décor ceases, because it is the heart of the machine and there reigns the disorder of a trailer and an artist's room. There, one invents. There, we observe. There, we find. And L'élégance de Radio-Luxembourg strikes me because this room is not hidden anywhere and is everywhere, a little mixed with the soul of the station. Think of the work of these watchmakers of the invisible, of these specialists of an unknown world where time and space, not only do not exist, but are confused, overlap and obey new rules. Nothing is more confidential than radio. If I speak, I address every person, every family, every dining room, every bathroom. No one is embarrassed to listen. This is what intimidates me and what makes the microphone a more terrible monster than a room where the "public" element gives you stage fright like the sea gives you seasickness. The anguish of the microphone is of another order. I know that my voice passes through the walls, like the sleepwalker of Dr. Caligari, and that it is blind. So, in the face of so many devious riddles, in the face of inhuman problems, the exquisite humanity of a station is comforting. It brings incalculable help. It is thus my gratitude that I express to the Radio-Luxembourg station, to all those who haunt it and who operate it. Format 44x56. Framed lithograph. This work offered to Roger Kreicher, the director of antenna of RTL, appeared in his office (see photo). We join there, 1 vinyl disc " La voix humaine " of Jean Cocteau with Berthe Bovy. A realization of Pierre Hiegel for Pathé Marconi.
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