JOHNNY HALLYDAY (1943/2017): 1 Vline guitar-gun,... - Lot 166 - Coutau-Bégarie

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JOHNNY HALLYDAY (1943/2017): 1 Vline guitar-gun,... - Lot 166 - Coutau-Bégarie
JOHNNY HALLYDAY (1943/2017): 1 Vline guitar-gun, created by Vincent Berton for Johnny Hallyday for his show at the Palais des Sports in Paris in September 1976. In the end, the rocker will use this guitar only during rehearsals but never on stage. Indeed, initially planned for the final scene of his song "La bagarre", this instrument was removed from the show because during the rehearsals, Johnny had problems to get off his motorcycle with this guitar-gun.
Vincent Berton was a French luthier and avant-garde creator at the beginning of the 80s. He was the protégé of musician and stringed instrument maker, James Trussart, who publicly acknowledged that his art was above anything else that had been done. He was very brilliant and spent months making each instrument. Vincent Berton also made his own revolutionary microphones. Alas, madness caught up with the true genius. Thus, after having made nearly 25 musical instruments adapted to the staging of shows and circumstances, Vincent Berton committed suicide in the middle of the 80's. He leaves us with a legacy of unique pieces. His creations are rare and much sought after by guitar collectors.
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