CLAUDE FRANCOIS (1939/1978): Author, composer,... - Lot 97 - Coutau-Bégarie

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CLAUDE FRANCOIS (1939/1978): Author, composer,... - Lot 97 - Coutau-Bégarie
CLAUDE FRANCOIS (1939/1978): Author, composer, performer. 1 original manuscript of Claude François. A working document written on 1 page of binder (recto-verso), for the preparation of the broadcast produced by Maritie & Gilbert Carpentier "Top à Claude François" of Saturday, September 14, 1974: "Gag - Three priests on a neutral background, pulls each in turn on & string (respective). The 1st - church bell, 2nd - also, the 3rd - boxing gang bell... the others get into fighting position and fight!
Background: in superimposition (bluish) 1 or 2 girls looking, smiling, caressing the shoulder etc... following the text of the singer interpreting a love song (American plan) or 1 shadow dancing (Very James Bond) on 1 background. Choreography idea: girls lying on the floor... 2 background of the leapfrog. By jumping over in time, the 2 at the end stand up, the 2 at the other end lie down (when they get there).
Gag repeats: the same priests... The same ones shoot in turn... The 3rd one has this time a normal sound... They stop all 3 but the sounds continue alone... (2 reactions: either they panic or they get on their knees and raise their eyes to heaven in front of the miracle!) TOP C.F."
Use of a black and a red felt-tip pen. On the back, all the indications for the order of the sketches, songs, gags, duets, contests, questions from the audience to the stars, sequences, pre-recordings... in pencil. Exceptional document.
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