JACQUELINE CAURAT (1927/2021): Speakrine,... - Lot 51 - Coutau-Bégarie

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JACQUELINE CAURAT (1927/2021): Speakrine,... - Lot 51 - Coutau-Bégarie
JACQUELINE CAURAT (1927/2021): Speakrine, journalist, television host and philatelic specialist. 1 original handwritten letter of the actor Michel Simon (1914/1975) addressed to Jacqueline Caurat. A moving testimony dated January 20, 1965: "Hello Jacqueline Caurat, It was a few years ago, place de l'Alma, we were leaving a show and were looking for two taxis, before leaving you, I asked you the time, carelessly, you told me, I have no watch. Since then, every time I pass a jeweler's window, my heart cries out: This dear angel who saved you from despair in 1957 and 1958 (without you suspecting it of course), but your appearance on the small screen, when I could not read, write, or even express myself, I was left helpless to my servants who robbed me, your so kind smile comforted me, I thought I told you all this, I'm not sure, but allow me to close this parenthesis, nothing is more boring than these people who tell you their life, and even more so who tell you their death. So! the dear angel who saved you from despair, did you think to thank him, I long ago got into the habit of silencing my conscience when it took certain liberties, however, twice I gave in with remorse and went in to choose something for you to have the time, and when I got back to Paris I dared not send it to you for fear you would take it the wrong way, if that were so I would go to the first hairdresser I met and get myself dyed again at L'Oreal and die in excruciating pain. My best regards to your husband and the admiration and gratitude of your little protégé! Miche Simon". Letterhead with the actor's address in Noisy-le-Grand and 1 envelope with the initials M.S., on the back in red letters.
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