Claude BOUSCAU (1909-1985)

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Claude BOUSCAU (1909-1985)
Draft Menu for the wedding of G. Noël . January 9, 1965. Relief in copper. 26 x 18 cm. The 1% artistic and the architect Georges G. Noël Imagined, and even dreamed of, at the beginning of the 1930s by Saint-Maur (Samuel Guyot), supported and claimed in 1936 by the Popular Front, it was in 1951 that the decree known as the "1% Artistic" was born under the impetus and initiative of the sculptor René Iché. André Malraux, often mistakenly associated with its origin, gave it its letters of nobility and, in the middle of the Thirty Glorious Years, made it a real tool for cultural dissemination. The 1% Artistic Fund enabled many artists to make a living from their art but, above all, to open up to a new form of expression that the large surfaces and dimensions offered by architecture required. The architects propose artists to a public commission and take charge of the technical implementation of the selected works; they then act as true project managers. This dialogue aims to achieve a close symbiosis between the architectural work and the artistic work, aiming at the mutual enhancement of both. Friendly links are created and very often the artist chooses to thank the architect by transferring to him original preparatory works of the projects or works unrelated to the commission but just as original. The architect-urbanist Georges G. Noël was very active during the decades that followed the post-war period (himself the son of a renowned architect, First Grand Prix de Rome, his perfect namesake). Georges G. Noël built a million square meters, including the Palais de Justice and the Hôtel du Département in Beauvais, many colleges elsewhere in the Oise region, and tropical agronomy laboratories in Montpellier. The architect lived surrounded by works of art, memories of complicities and artistic friendships; a collection - the itinerary of a life - of which a first part is submitted, today, to the auction. Lots 1 to 15
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