Pierre Lenfant ou L'Enfant (1704-1787)

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Pierre Lenfant ou L'Enfant (1704-1787)
Animated landscape of figures, beasts, a hamlet in the distance Oil on canvas 63 x 81 cm. Signed, bottom centre : The Child Our painting is a rare and interesting example of an autonomous landscape, executed in France in the first half of the 18th century. Born in Anet, member of a family of local notables, pupil of Charles Parrocel (1688-1752), L'Enfant is best known in his capacity as "draftsman of the king's camps and armies", having led him to complete, at the request of the Marquis d'Argenson, a cycle of paintings to the glory of Louis XV's military victories in the War of the Austrian Succession, now at Versailles (inv. MV 182, 187, 188, 195, 197 204, 210, 212, 6933, 9120, 9121). Earlier in his career, however, L'Enfant is noted for his landscapes, first in 1741, at the time of his "agrégation" by the Academy, the year in which he presented at the Salon: A large Landscape decorated with Figures & Animals (present location unknown), then another smaller landscape, representing a Farm, where appears on the front the Father & Mother of the Author, & next to it, Women washing & scouring (present location unknown). LIVING ROOM OF 1742 Its reception piece, in 1745, is entitled "Country Market" (present location unknown), and it is not forbidden to think that the work also includes a landscape part. Portrait in Stockholm
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