CAZO, Magali (1979)

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CAZO, Magali (1979)
Bocage au soleil couchant. Acrylic ink on watercolor paper. Magali Cazo was born in Lyon in 1979. Today she divides her time between the Ardèche and Paris. After passing through the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon, she trained in various techniques (oil painting, fresco, engraving, lithography, morphology) in several Parisian workshops. It is through these apprenticeships that she gradually built her own expression. For some years now, she has been working essentially with ink and landscape drawing, as well as nude studies, have taken a central place in her practice. We find here the artist's taste for half figurative, half abstract landscapes typical of her work, where she is inspired by the countryside of her childhood but also by her train journeys, conducive to reflection. The absence of human representation and the serenity that emerges from these imagined views invite contemplation. Dimensions: 38x28 cm
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