Lot 3
Got to lot
Estimation :
100 - 150 EUR
Result without fees
Result : 110EUR
Lot including:
- Egyptian illustration.
Gouache on paper, framed.
Dimensions at sight: 20x13 cm.
- Para BD: flexible metal plate "The Secret Triangle", perforated, 40x30 cm.
- Para BD: flexible metal plate perforated at the four corners "The Third Testament", 40x30 cm.
- Framed printed triptych "Corto Maltese".
- "La banque des pieds nickelés", framed printing of fake banknotes for the publication of a complete book by Vents d'Ouest.
- Model "MARGERIN".
- Advertising display "Dior Largo Winch".
- Framed poster of the exhibition "Juillard Victor Sanchez", 53x43 cm, black and white gallery rue Daguerre.
(Under blister)
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