External view of the whole "machine" on its... - Lot 139 - Coutau-Bégarie

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External view of the whole "machine" on its... - Lot 139 - Coutau-Bégarie
External view of the whole "machine" on its foot The globe which has an equatorial circle graduated in degrees is composed of two vertical hemispheres made of copper and green paper signed in a cartouche: "GLOBE CELESTE whose position of the stars is reduced to the year 1800 by M MESSIER Astronome de la Marine" and on the edge of this cartouche "?Voisard Sculps" the name of the engraver of the globe. It is probably at this date, given the new astronomical discoveries that it was decided to replace the sky cartography by a new version. The two hemispheres that allow it to be opened and closed meet at the meridian which is in the axis of movement. This is inclined at 49° latitude, approximately that of Paris, and bears at its top a small round enamelled hour-dial with a white background divided by five into five minutes in Arabic numerals. The hours are in black Roman numerals. A small arc of a circle at the top of the dial divided into five parts is intended, using the small hand underneath its two pretty steel hands, hours and minutes, to modify the length of the balance according to the temperature (invention of Outhier). This dial is signed "Manufacture Roïale" gold at that time the meeting of the enamellers with the glassmakers let us think that it is a production of the manufacture of Saint Gobain. At the base of the axis are three branches in an arc of a circle that circulate around the globe driven by the mechanism, one carries a radiant sun, another one an ivory half-black half-white moon that an ingenious system makes turn on itself and the third one allows by moving a small cursor to visualize personal observations One can read at the base of the globe inscribed in Latin on the meridian that supports the whole, the names of the author and the watchmaker who made this machine. "INVENTED DR.OUTHIER.FECIT.JOAN. BAPT.CATTINI APUD SEQUANOS PROBAVIT REGIA SCIENTIA. ACADEMIA PARI
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