Exceptional octagonal table top in grey marble... - Lot 92 - Coutau-Bégarie

Lot 92
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Exceptional octagonal table top in grey marble... - Lot 92 - Coutau-Bégarie
Exceptional octagonal table top in grey marble and slate with scagliola decoration, the centre decorated with the family tree of Claude II of Saint Georges ( Château de Montceaux - l'Étoile 1634 - 1714) Bishop of Macon ( 1682 - 1684) Bishop of Clermont (1684 - 1687) Bishop of Tours (1687 - 1693) Archbishop of Lyon, Prima des Gaules ( 1693 - 1714) This rare table was made at the end of the 17th century probably in the workshops of Florence, to celebrate the appointment of Claudius of Saint George to the Archbishopric of Lyon, the arms being surrounded by the hat and the archbishop's crook. It was destined for the castle of Montceau l'Étoile. The family tree of the archbishop being surrounded by two goldfinches symbolizing the passion of Christ. The goldfinch usually symbolically announces Christ's coming sacrifice during the Passion: the thorn thistle on which it feeds, and which is read transparently in its name - at least in Latin, Italian (cardellino) and French - indeed evokes the Crown of Thorns, while the red spots on its head refer to the blood shed. The coat of arms is placed on a jasmine stand. The jasmine is linked to the Virgin Mary because it blooms in May, the month dedicated to her. The white colour of the flower evokes immaculate purity. It is attributed with the qualities of grace, elegance and divine love. It is for these reasons that we can see jasmine flowers in bunches in the hands of the infant Jesus, or in crowns on the heads of angels and saints. The rest of the table is covered with white flowers associated with the Virgin. The four corners are decorated with geometric shapes. (Small misses, accidents and ancient restorations) The top rests on an octagonal girdled base on eight blackened turned wooden baluster legs joined by a spacer. ( 5 legs redone to the model, reinforcements). Top: W.: 138 cm, D.: 98 cm, H.: 6 cm Legs: H.: 74
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