ZOLA, Alexandrine.

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ZOLA, Alexandrine.
Important set of 41 unpublished signed letters and cards, all addressed to the jurist and friend of the naturalists Gabriel Thyébaut (1854-1922), or to his wife. 25 L.A.S. and 16 C.A.S. (including some c.v.a.s.). Paris, Médan, Pistoia and Mont -Dore, February I884 - January 1911. About 94 pp. in-8, in-12 or in-16 oblong. 25 envelopes preserved About the works of Zola and their friends: "Émile is beginning his last chapter, and he is very happy to see the end of 'Lourdes' coming. It will be finished in about ten days and towards the end of the month we will leave for Medan [...]". June 13, 1894]. "[...] Will my husband be stoned to death after all the skating on 'Lourdes'. Ah, my friend, what a rampage! Émile thought he had been so impartial, that he is a little surprised at the thunder of imprecations against him by the Catholics who are absolutely lacking in the slightest politeness. The "Debacle" did not raise a tenth of a complaint. It's unimaginable what there have been letters, articles, denials. ...] Perhaps there will be a lawsuit with Gilson, then there will surely be a lawsuit with the contractor of the unfinished Church of Lourdes, and then no doubt other surprises as well, what do I know? Finally, my husband is very aplomb about all these things; on the contrary, I believe that when he fights, his health is better. So he is doing very well at the moment [...]". She then talks about the friendly break-up between the Zola and Céard because of the Dreyfus affair: "You talk to me about Céard, and it is not without a big heartache that I tell you: it is over, we are not seeing him anymore and we will probably never see him again [...]". October 2, 1894. About the Dreyfus and Cézanne Affair: "[...] If you find me in the first days of July in Paris; it is because I would be delayed in leaving by the Supreme Court, because I am very regularly every day and it will take much longer than we thought, it may not be as long as we thought...".
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