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Important set of about 82 signed autograph letters and cards, all addressed to Gabriel Thyébaut, his wife or their daughter, Cécile. etc. Montauban, Luzancy, Florence, Reims, Rueil, Paris, Billancourt, Toulouse, etc., January 1891 - 1926. About 247 pp. in-4, in-8 or in-12 oblong. Some envelopes preserved. Important correspondence between the writer from Rheims, Inspector General of the Libraries of France, member of the Académie Goncourt and the jurist Gabriel Thyébaut, a great friend of naturalists. A long conversation in which Neveux lays down his daily life: his moves and removals (Montauban, Paris, Brittany, etc), his great satisfactions, his wrath, his heartache, his friends: Jean Ajalbert, Léon Daudet, Alexandre Millerand, Edouard Lockroy, Émile Zola, Poincaré "baron de l'hypothénuse", Huÿsmans "à la Trappe" then the latter's illness, etc. He mentions on countless occasions the writer Émile Pouvillon as well as the "baron" Henry Céard "who must continue to be bogged down in mediocrity", the latter as well as Thyébaut formed the group of Neveux's closest friends. These letters, sometimes written "without literature", in which Neveux can go as far as vulgarity or, on the contrary, adjoin poetry, are imbued with a great freedom of tone, justly authorized by the proximity of the protagonists. Naturalism: "[...] I read in the Echo, the beginning of Là-bas [by Huysmans]. The postulates of the beginning left me dreamy, improbable and diffuse that they are. I have little taste of the absolute materialism of naturalism [...]. These pages make me miss Folantin [...]. En Rade was the beginning of his errors [...]". He often evokes his friend Geoffroy, ironically on the marriage of Maurice Barrès and Daudet, evokes his frequentation of prostitutes and women more generally and in particular one, repeatedly described as a "slut". Countless evocations of his travels in F
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