[BEAUTIFULLY ARTS] Set of about 40 documents. ABBEMA,... - Lot 8 - Coutau-Bégarie

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[BEAUTIFULLY ARTS] Set of about 40 documents. ABBEMA,... - Lot 8 - Coutau-Bégarie
[BEAUTIFULLY ARTS] Set of about 40 documents. ABBEMA, Louise. Autograph business card initialled. S.l.n.d. 1 p. in-16. Banquet membership. Small hole without gravity; ABEL-TRUCHET, Louis. C.P.A.S., to the painter Jean Cottenet. Paris, March 10, 1915. 1 p. in-12 oblong. "My old Cottenet. I knew from Lefèvre that your arm was making jokes to you [...]" and C.V.A.S. S.l.n.d. 1 p. in-32; BESNARD, Albert. 2 L.A.S. and a C.A.S. [June 17, 1884], May 13, 1893 and May 2, 1895. 3 pp. in-8 and 1 p. in-8 narrow and oblong. A preserved envelope. "...] I have worked a lot since I saw you and I hope that before long I will be able to show you my finished painting ...". Enclosed is a letter signed Besnard in a different handwriting (his wife?); BONNAT, Léon. L.A.S. on pneumatic card, to Maurice Poupinel. May 4, 1906. 1 p. in-12. Letter of apology: Bonnat by negligence forgot to attend the wedding "[...] the saddest thing is that in spite of my so many occupations I could very well have attended. It's absurd [...]"; BOULET, Cyprien. C.V.A.S. S.l.n.d. 1 p. in-16 oblong. Un petit trou sans atteinte; BRUNEAU, Alfred. L.A.S. March 10, 1908. 1 p. in-8. Dinner at Mrs. Zola's house; CAROLUS-DURAN. C.A.S. Paris, January 6, 1904. 1 p. in-12; DAYOT, Armand. 7 L.A.S. 1885 to 1922. 16 pp. in-4 and in-8. Headings L'Art & les Artistes; DENIS, Maurice (and Mme). C.V.A.S. S.l.n.d. 1 p. in-16; DESVALLIÈRES, Mrs. Georges. 2 C.V.A.S. Paris, November 24, 1913 and March 24, 1931. Condolences; DUVENT, Charles. C.V.A.S., at Poupinel. S.l.n.d. 1 p. in-16 oblong. Un petit trou sans atteinte ; LECOMTE DE NOUŸ, J.-J.-A. L.A.S. [1892] ; MACIET, Jules. 7 L.A.S. 1885 to 1907. 12 pp. in-8. Heading Union Centrale des Arts décoratifs ; MARMOTTAN, Jules. L.A.S. September 1906. 1 p. in-8; OZNOBICHINE, Dimitri (and Mme). 2 Autograph business cards. Nice, March 28, 1924. 2 pp. in-16; POTERNAT, Louis. 2 L.A.S. to Cécile Thyébaut. 1945; PRUNIER, Pierre. Autograph business card. S.l.n.d. 1
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