Bonaparte crowned by Peace and Victory. The... - Lot 160 - Coutau-Bégarie

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Bonaparte crowned by Peace and Victory. The... - Lot 160 - Coutau-Bégarie
Bonaparte crowned by Peace and Victory. The fan known as "Madame Bonaparte's", circa 1797-1799
After Antoine Denis Chaudet (1763-1810), Pierre François Léonard Fontaine (1762-1853), and Charles Percier (1764-1838)
Engraved by Jean Godefroy (1771-1839)
Published by James Gamble in Paris
Pre-cutting plate for a fan leaf printed in intaglio with black ink on cream silk. 26.5 cm x 47 cm
Chaudet, Percier and Fontaine composed this fan leaf in response to a commission from the City of Paris in 1796, in honour of Josephine.
In the centre, the profile and bust portrait of Bonaparte, crowned by Victory and Abundance. In side medallions, rich ornaments framing panoramas recall the victories of the young general-in-chief during the first Italian campaign (1796-1797). On either side, grotesque ornaments, chimeras, trophies and military symbols.
On the lower border, the inscription "Engraved by Chaudet, Fontaine and Persier (sic)/ Deposited at the Biblioteque (sic) nationale / Engraved by Godefroy".
Several fans, in brown and black, are known. One example is preserved in the Metropolitan Museum in New-York (acc. number 33.82.1) and a second one in the Carnavalet Museum in Paris (inv. EV0213). It seems that it was the Parisian publisher James Gamble who produced this sheet. He started printing fan leaves in the year VI (1797-1798). Printing on silk at the end of the 18th century was reserved for a few rare works such as this fan leaf, ladies' belts, or men's waistcoats (Musée des tissus de Lyon, inv. 17409).
-Musée historique des tissus, Guérinet éditeur, pl. 173, pl. 154 and pl. 166.
-F. Courboin, Histoire illustrée de la gravure en France, partie 2, 1923-1928, p. 174-175.
-X. Petitcol, "Un gilet Directoire imprimé en taille-douce sur satin dans une fabrique de papier peint", in Textes et textiles du Moyen-Âge à nos jours, under the direction of Odile Blanc, ENS Editions, Institut d'Histoire du Livre, 2008, pp. 93-106
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