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GOLDEN BOOK OF PRINCESS ZENAID YOUSSOUPOFF, FOR HER RESIDENCE IN KOREIZ IN CRIME. Composed of 14 pages, dating from 1903 to 1912, bearing autograph dedications, poems and signatures addressed to the princess, text in Russian and French: 1903: "General Major Trepoff"; 1904: "Engineer Tatarinoff"; 1907: "Count A. V. and Countess A. A. Olsoufieff" [Countess Alexandra (1906-?)], "Princess S. L. Shakhovskoy", "N. V. and E. N. Stroukoff", "Baroness Lepel and her daughter"; 1908: "Elisabeth, 1 August - 26 September 1908" [Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna (1864-1918)], "V. Gordeeva", "M. Layming" [Maria wife of General Layming], "V. Ivanovna", "A. Korniloff"; on 16-17 August 1908: "A. Nikitin"; on 9-15 September 1909: "L. Redlikh", "Dimitri, 29 August - 26 September 1908" [Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich (1891-1942)], "G. Layming" [General George Layming (1865-1958), Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich's educator]; "Chosen by the benevolence of God the Father (...) May grace and peace be multiplied to you. Rejoice, all having suffered, (the line 1 Peter 1.1.-2). To both of you from the heart, thank you God keep you, Elisabeth" [Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna (1864-1918)]; "In the Crimea it is beautiful and bright, the sun shines over the mountains, with you it is warm. My heart remains close to you, Dmitri, 1908" [Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich (1891-1942)]; "The Legend of Koreiz, "Arzy", Valentina Gordeeva" [a three-page poem by Valentina Sergeevna Ushakova (1863-1931), aunt of Prince Wladimir Galitzin and Mother Superior of the Marfo-Marinsly Convent]; September 25, 1908 : a poem signed "Arcady Korniloff"; September 25, 1908: a poem signed "G. Layming"; 1908: a poem for our hosts Youssoupoff signed Vera Ivanovna; 9/IV-22/IV 1909: "D. Grabbé"; 15/IV-22/IV 1909: "S. T. Kutuzova"; 15/IV-5/V 1909: "Maya Kutuzova"; 22/IX-15/XI 1909: "Maria Golenitseff-Kutuzova" and "Count Serge Golenitseff-Kutuzova"; April 27, 1911: poem entitled "In the Crimea" dedicated to Princess Z. N. Yusupoff, "Constantine" [Grand Duke Constantine Constantinovich (1858-1915)]; June 9, 1911: "May God bless your dear souls, may friendship surround us, today and always heartfelt gratitude, Elisabeth" [Grand Duchess Elisabeth Mavrikievna (1865-1927)]; June 9, 1911: "John" [Prince John Constantinovich of Russia (1886-1918)]; "Constantine, May 9, 1911" [Prince Constantin Constantinovich of Russia (1891-1918)]; "Igor, 23 May 1911" [Prince Igor Constantinovich of Russia (1894-1918)]; "Tatiana, 9 May" [Princess Tatiana Constantinovna of Russia (1890-1970)]; "George" [Prince George Constantinovich of Russia (1903-1938)]; "K. Bagration-Mukhansky, 1911"; 3/X-12/XI 1912: "We will never forget this beautiful dacha in Koreiz", "Masha Schakhovskoya", "Prince V. A. Schakhovskoy", "Sofia Schakhovskoya", "Elijah", "Maria" [possibly Grand Duchess Maria Nicolaievna (1899-1918)]; "Tatiana" [possibly Grand Duchess Tatiana Nicolaievna (1897-1918)]; "Miss Abbey". Missing cover, folds, but overall good condition. H.: 24.5 cm - W.: 20 cm.
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