SMALL ALBUM OF PHOTOGRAPHS. Rectangular in... - Lot 98 - Coutau-Bégarie

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SMALL ALBUM OF PHOTOGRAPHS. Rectangular in... - Lot 98 - Coutau-Bégarie
SMALL ALBUM OF PHOTOGRAPHS. Rectangular in shape, leather bound, decorated on the cover with a black lacquered papier-mâché plaque depicting two young girls in a troika, with gilt metal side clasp, 18 pages gilt on edges. Containing 36 photographic portraits of business card size : depicting Tsar Alexander II; Empress Maria Alexandrovna; Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich; Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovich (future Alexander III); Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna; Grand Dukes Nicholas and Constantine Nicolaievich; Grand Duchesses Olga Petrovna and Alexandra Yossifovna; the grand dukes Alexis, Paul, Sergius and Wladimir Alexandrovich; the grand duchesses Maria Pavlovna, Maria Alexandrovna, Olga Alexandrovna and Olga Constantinovna; the grand duke Michael Nicolaievich; the princes of Leuchtenberg; the generals Ignatieff, Surko, Skobeleff, Zimmerman, Vannovski, Muravieff, Heinan, the princes Bariatinsky, Gortchakoff, Dolgorouki Slight wear from the time, but good general condition. H. : 17 cm - L. : 15,5 cm - W. : 5 cm.
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