Jean Limosin

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Jean Limosin
Plate in polychrome painted enamel and translucent enamels on straws with gold highlights, representing the equestrian Emperor Vitellius on a blue horse carrying the scepter of Imperator. It is set on a black background stitched with gold, resting on a green mound punctuated with foliage. The marli bears the inscriptions A.Viteilius.German.Imp.Aug.P.M.Tr.P, the wing decorated with floral scrolls, quatrefoils and faces underlined with drapery. The border has double gold fillets and white enamel. The reverse side is enamelled blue powdered and decorated with a stylized radiating motif, gilded and glossy silver, in a frame of scrolls in recall on the wing. Signed I.L in gold lettering for Jean Limosin. Limoges, late 16th century. (wear and tear, small restorations on the wing on the right and on the reverse as well as on the border, but very good general condition. D.: 20 cm. Our plates, unpublished until today, were originally part of a series of twelve representing the Caesars on horseback. Jean Limosin is inspired here by the engravings of Crispjn de Passe l'ancien after Jean Van der Straet dit Stradanus, published in Utrecht before 1600 (fig.1 and 2). This series itself derives from another set inspired again by Jean Van der Straet, but engraved by Adriaen Collaert between 1587 and 1589. The Caesars are represented on horseback, but unlike the first version the engraver no longer raises them on a pedestal but on a mound. Jean Limosin mixes the inspirations by drawing the model of the inscriptions identifying each emperor on the marli according to the nomenclature established by Marcantonio Raimondi at the beginning of the 16th century. If our plate showing Vitellius faithfully takes up the features of the engraving, the one representing Vespasian reveals an error of attribution since contrary to what is indicated on the marli, it is indeed Caligula which is represented here. It is easy to imagine the division of tasks within t
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